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Hair Cutting

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Hairstylist before a Haircut

You could just as easily fall in love with a haircut than end up hating it. Your hair is everything to you; it may be your unique way of expressing yourself or an essential part of your personality. You can feel the change of a haircut but not just see it.


KJG Salon in Washington, DC, could offer you the best hair cut service if you want a change in your look. Kent Green is one of the best hair-cutting specialists in Washington, DC, that you can rely on!

You can find many hairstylists that could give you the wow factor you are looking for! Therefore, choosing the right hairstylist is so essential for your appearance. While selecting a hairstylist is a whole different story, once you have found the perfect hairstylist, what you should do to get the best results is by asking the right questions before the cutting in our hair salon in Washington, DC!

And here is the list of perfect questions to ask before your haircut in a professional salon in Capitol Hill!

One # Does it require me to change my hairstyling routine?


When going for a haircut, you need to ask our hairstylist, does the new style require any specific hair styling routine daily. Every style and cut requires a different approach to maintain them. It is better to ask our hairstylist before the haircut so that you can decide whether you would like to make that kind of commitment or not!

Two # Do I need to change the products?


Many hairstyles need different products to style and maintain their look. If you are getting a bob or pixie cut, you would be required to buy different combs and tools to style them at home, or you end up blowing money by going to the hair salon again and again for styling. It is always better to get a heads-up on whether it is worth the effort!

Three #How often do I have to cut my hair?

If you want to maintain a particular hairstyle, you have to ask our hairstylist how often you trim your hair! Longer lengths require different time frames, like ten weeks and shorter hair requires a shorter time frame, like six to eight weeks. It is always better to consult with the stylist.

Four # Does it affect my hair color?

Most hair stylists prefer coloring your hair after the haircut as it is a better way to get the lighter ends in the right length. You can ask our hairdresser to give you a better picture, as it will help you to form your decision for the cutting in our Hair Salon in Washington, DC.

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